Yoga Therapy


One of our goals at Wiseman Family Practice is to use the safest, most effective treatments for our patients. Yoga Therapy practitioners are playing a major role in a national shift toward integrative healthcare by incorporating and designing effective programs tailored to address individuals’ medical conditions. Yoga Therapy has been shown by research to increase strength, flexibility, vitality and balance, enhance immune function, as well as improve back pain, anxiety, stress, insomnia, and many other conditions.


What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga Therapy incorporates a therapeutic intent as a preventive or curative means to manage or facilitate healing. It is the facet of the ancient science of “Yoga”, which focuses on health and wellness at all levels: physical, emotional, and psychological.

Beth Blanchard is a 1000-hour Certified Yoga Therapist ( school), Registered Yoga Teacher (, and Certified Unergi Practitioner ( She conducts custom trainings, in addition to working privately with individual clients, and facilitates group workshops and classes. Beth has over 20 years experience with various Yoga methodologies. Healing has been her lifetime passion, which shines through her care and compassion for others. She has witnessed the therapeutic effects of her work and loves sharing these healing possibilities with others.  You can see Beth’s website here.

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