Low-Temp Pasteurized A2 Whole Milk


Low-temp pasteurized A2 whole milk from Richardson Farms.

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Free delivery to your house every SATURDAY.  Orders need to be received by Thursday at 8:00 a.m. for each week’s delivery. If you will not be available for drop off, please leave a cooler with ice outside your door.


Our partner farm is Richardson Farms in Rockdale, Texas. The production process for our low-temperature pasteurized milk helps preserve the healthy bacteria, nutrients, and enzymes that should be present in dairy products. Most milk purchased in the grocery store is either pasteurized at high or ultra high temperatures and these two processes damage a lot of the healthy components of milk.


The benefits of our dairy products include:

1) We use homozygous A2 cows for the A2 beta-casein milk. We use a combination of pure Holsteins and crosses between Swedish Red, Jersey, and Holstein breeds.

2) We produce milk in an ethical way: our milk comes from cows that are treated humanely, grass-fed all of their lives, and live their entire lives on grass pastures. Very little stress is put on these cows during their lives, which is a completely different reality from dairy cows that are factory-farmed for conventional milk.

3) The cows we use do not receive antibiotics or growth hormones at any point during the process.

4) The milk is never homogenized, meaning it has the cream layer on top—the way nature designed it to be. The integrity of the milk is left alone.

5) The milk is whole milk as nature designed it, which provides you and your family with the healthy, saturated fats your body needs.

6) All of our milk is locally produced (thus less environmental impact) and supports local farmers!



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