Video: How To Purify Our Tap Water with Wiseman Family Practice (Part 2)

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[How to Purify Our Tap Water with Wiseman Family Practice Part 2]

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>> Dr. Jeremy Wiseman: Hey, everyone. Jeremy Wiseman here with Wiseman Family Practice. I’m here in Austin, Texas at our central clinic—here next to the campus of The University of Texas. And what we’re going to do today is we’re going to look at a cost-effective way to purify your tap water.

Now, this is really Part 2 of a video that we did in 2013, which focused on a reverse osmosis system. But unfortunately, that system is a bit pricey for, for some people and it’s also not the most convenient system.

The purpose of this video is really to offer a cost-effective solution to this issue, because we really believe that clean water—clean drinking water—is really the bedrock of good health.

So let’s recap some of the negative things that are in our tap water. It’s really divided into five categories. Number One: Pathogens. Number Two: Toxic Minerals and Metals. Number Three: Organic Chemicals. Number Four: Additives. And Number Five: Radioactive Substances.

So a real, affordable solution to purifying your tap water is a high-quality portable gravity filter, like a Berkey [water] filter. It’s really the way to go because you can filter your tap water at home, at its source, and you could also even filter rainwater, so it actually is flexible in this regard, too.

For the long-term, we really discourage against using plastic bottled water, and the reason for this is because of the environmental impact of plastics. Plastics do leach into the water and so there’s some health concerns, and it’s not really the most convenient and cost-effective solution.

So as far as the Berkey filters, we actually keep these at all of our clinics, in the patient lobbies and also in the staff room. So let’s go take a peek at one and see what it’s all about.

So this is the Berkey filter, this is actually the Big Berkey model. I think this is their most popular model. It runs, I believe, around $250, $300, and it’s basically two cans. You have a top can—[the] top can has the black Berkey filters and you obviously pour the water in here and it filters down, it’s stored in this can, and then here’s the spout.

For an additional cost, there’s these white fluoride, arsenic filters. It’s a little bit more expensive, but we think it’s worth it. So it’s just a great filter, again, it’s relatively cheap. It’s portable, so you can actually bring this on vacation or if, you know, you’re traveling. It’s pretty lightweight.

It’s a gravity filter, which means you pour the water in the top can and it just naturally filters down. And it’s really effective, I mean, it really filters [out] most of the contaminates. And again, I’m not, you know—I have no affiliation with Berkey. I just think it’s a really good solution to something that’s extremely important for our health, which is drinking clean water, and this is a filter that we really recommend.

So thanks, everyone, for watching! And remember, if you’re looking for an affordable, effective solution to purifying your tap water, look into a Berkey. And if you want more information on this subject, check out our 2013 video entitled “How to Purify Our Tap Water,” and it actually looks at a reverse osmosis system and it also looks at a showerhead filter.

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