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Our primary goal at Wiseman Family Practice is to provide health education in order to prevent disease. We believe the core problem with many of today’s health issues lies in inflammation caused by poor nutrition, stress, and toxins the body accumulates from unhealthy food, water, the environment, and other lifestyle choices. We seek to address these problems so the body can function and heal optimally.

In order to accomplish this goal we practice insurance-based integrative medicine, meaning we use both alternative and conventional approaches to medicine that are evidence based. We offer primary and preventive care, including bioidentical hormone therapy, acupuncture and herbal medicine, functional medicine, hypothyroidism treatment, chiropractic care, weight loss therapy, allergy treatment, homeopathy, yoga therapy, and medical nutrition.

When treating patients, our objective is to treat the whole person and to understand the root cause of disease. We always use lifestyle modifications or natural, more holistic therapies before using conventional pharmaceuticals, though we do use them when needed depending on individual patient need.

The current model of medicine and many of today’s medical interventions are not always optimal in regards to safety and efficacy for our long-term health. We take pride in protecting our patients from this current trend in medicine, and we will continue to work hard to educate ourselves and our patients so that we can all achieve total wellness.

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