Medical Weight Loss

At Wiseman Family Practice, we understand the cornerstone of total health is maintaining one’s ideal body weight. It is estimated that 71% of the American population today is overweight or obese. This single “epidemic” has led to a dramatic increase in the incidence of hypertension, chronic fatigue, insomnia, strokes, diabetes, high cholesterol, depression, anxiety, heart disease, and countless other life threatening medical conditions.

Additionally, current studies are showing the connection between being overweight and many types of cancer, and it is believed that this risk factor will soon overtake smoking as the primary controllable cause of cancer within the United States. Along with overall health, being overweight prevents one from functioning at the highest level and it is our goal not only to prevent and treat disease but to also assist you in feeling your best. We believe weight loss and proper weight maintenance is the foundation of this goal.

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Addressing Root Causes & Symptoms

At Wiseman Family Practice, we first try to get to the root of the weight problem both physically and psychologically, as weight gain can be the sign of a deeper medical issue that needs to be addressed and fixed.

Some common causes of weight gain and/or inability to lose weight include hormonal imbalance, hypothyroidism, depression and other psychiatric disorders, sleep disorders, medication side effects, stress, anemia, and metabolic disorders to name a few.

By addressing these causes it is possible to cure the weight problem entirely, which is always our primary goal. If we cannot find the cause, however, we believe it important to address the symptom of weight gain directly as we feel in many cases it is medically urgent in order to achieve optimal health.

Diet & Nutrition

Here at Wiseman Family Practice we believe it is important to be at the forefront of diet and nutrition to fight and prevent disease. We believe that many pharmaceutical medications can be replaced with safer nutraceutical options. We also believe that the increasing amount of toxins in our food, water, and environment are the root cause of many of the disease processes we are seeing today. To address this, we focus on prevention and when necessary use effective, safer, and more natural therapies that address the core of the problem, which are an alternative to many of the toxic pharmaceutical options given by traditional medicine today. Our goal is simple – identify the root cause of the problem, eliminate it, and allow the body to naturally heal. In many cases we augment this healing process through various supplements and nutraceuticals that are effective and natural.

With an increasing number of disease processes being caused by being overweight, we believe that proper nutritional and dietary counseling is paramount to maintaining one’s optimal weight and thus one’s total internal wellness. Our dietary philosophy is centered around “real” food choices – organic, non-processed food that is both sustainable for both the individual and the environment. When food is approached this way, most “diets” become obsolete and patients understand the meaning of true health and energy.

Medical Therapy

Our medical therapy includes various pharmaceutical weight loss medications as needed. Each patient is medically evaluated in order to confirm total patient safety. The dosage and length of each medical therapy is individualized to each patient. Patients are educated on dietary and exercise approaches that work with these weight loss products in order that their goals can be achieved and sustained. All medications are safe, effective, and physician monitored.

In addition, we use our Wiseman Health Crave Support, a nutritional support specifically formulated to help decrease cravings.

Weight Loss Programs & Services

We offer a number of weight loss services and programs. We understand that each patient is unique and has different needs and goals concerning weight loss. Make an appointment today with a one of our medical providers to find out which service is best for you. Contact us for more information or to get started.

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