Homeopathic treatment seeks to stimulate the innate healing power of the individual so that all physiological systems function at their best. Specific symptoms improve as the strengthened body defenses become more active. During homeopathic care, remedies are given to stimulate the process by which the person heals himself or herself in a safe, gentle, and reliable way.

A homeopath views health as a condition of the entire individual rather than in terms of isolated symptoms from specific parts of the body. The focus is on your unique set of symptoms occurring mentally, emotionally, and physically. In this way treatment is individualized based on the totality of symptoms. Since homeopathy is focused on treating the whole person, anyone can benefit from homeopathic care regardless of symptoms or diagnosis.

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What Is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a process for the restoration of your whole, healthy self. Through homeopathy, you are partaking on a healing journey towards a fully functioning, optimal state of health.

Homeopathic remedies are derived mostly from plants and simple minerals and are FDA-approved. They are uniquely prepared through a dilution and shaking process. This differentiates them from common herbs or natural supplements. As such, they are also non-toxic, non-habit forming, and have no side effects. They also do not interfere with current medications you may be taking. In fact, over time homeopathy can help alleviate dependence on medications and bring you greater vitality and long-term health.

Noel Peterson, CCH, C.HP

Noel Peterson is a classical homeopath nationally certified by the Council on Homeopathic Certification. He obtained his homeopathy training from the 4-year program offered at Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy in Minneapolis, Minnesota and graduated in 2009. Noel then opened his professional practice in Austin, Texas in 2010.

Noel is a member of the Texas Society of Homeopathy, North American Society of Homeopaths, and the National Center for Homeopathy. He also served as a board member for the Minnesota Homeopathic Association. Noel is a published author in national homeopathic journals and natural health publications in the Austin, Texas area.

For more information about Noel, his practice and specialties, visit the Austin Clinic of Homeopathy website.