by Sara B.

Patient education is outstanding! The practice provides articles and YouTube videos on their website of things we discuss during visits. Having a dedicated NP like Meagan Wempe is awesome, too, because she’s always interested in any questions I have about diet, taking supplements, or really any way that I want to improve my health. The fact that they connect their patients with natural foods from farms around Austin is pretty amazing.

by Jerry D.

A friend referred me and I’m so happy she did. Friendly office, attentive doctor. Also the Westlake office is close to work and that’s a bonus for me!

by Art H.

Dr. Jeremy Wiseman takes the time to get to know you and who you are outside of being a patient at the practice. He listens to your concerns and discusses the details of your treatment. He looks at the big picture and not just a symptom or issue. I also like that he recommends natural therapies like acupuncture and considers all the options before writing a prescription.

by Nancy J.

My husband and I appreciate the practice’s emphasis on integrative medicine and holistic care. It’s nice that they provide acupuncture services and are so passionate about using natural remedies instead of pharmaceutical solutions. They educate their patients with health articles and videos. And not many doctors help their patients buy local farm food (free-range eggs) and then deliver it to you . . . but Dr. Wiseman does!

by Carol T

My family has been going to Wiseman Family Practice for over twenty years now. They are truly a family practice that is family-oriented. Great care and always good with referrals. Yes, the practice has grown a lot but their commitment to their patients has not changed.

by Nadine V

Very friendly office staff and helpful when trying to get my appointments with Sellma. I don’t feel rushed during visits or when asking questions. Sellma just genuinely cares about how I’m feeling. She’s invested in my health long term and how I’m doing with my bioidentical hormone therapy. Wiseman Family Practice is a “family” practice that goes the extra mile.

by Pat B

After repeated attempts to get my son’s allergy issues resolved, we finally got the right diagnosis and treatment. Thank you Dr. Wiseman!

by Elise F.

My family sees Courtney Rau. She’s the best, she listens, very compassionate--- and provides excellent care! I always recommend Wiseman Family Practice when someone I know is looking for a family practice that is knowledgeable about both traditional and alternative medicine.

by Larry R

I had my first visit with Linda. She’s really fantastic. She covered all the bases with my symptoms. Like connecting pieces of a puzzle. I liked that she was so thorough.

by Kristen P

It always feels like teamwork when I see my nurse practitioner. She consistently works with me on my labs, listens to the ups-and-downs I’m experiencing with my thyroid issues, and adjusts my Armour dosage when needed. Feeling very thankful and the best I have felt in quite some time.

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