Wiseman Concierge Medicine

In addition to our insurance-based family medicine model, Wiseman Family Practice offers concierge medical services. With over 40 years of experience in family medicine, we have combined our integrative and functional family medicine approach with concierge medicine.

With Wiseman Concierge Medicine you can receive more personalized services that are not covered by your insurance plan along with easier, more direct access to your medical provider.

wiseman concierge medicine

Concierge Integrative Family Medicine

With Wiseman Concierge Medicine you will have the same insurance-covered integrative family medicine from Wiseman Family Practice that serve your primary care needs with the addition of more personalized services and access that are not covered by your insurance. We do not bill insurance for any of these additional non-insurance covered services and they are covered under one low monthly fee. We will bill your insurance for all covered primary care services that are covered under your insurance plan.

Concierge medicine works best for people who have medical insurance and want to use it but want more individualized care that is not covered by medical insurance such as more personalized medical services and more expanded, direct access to their primary care provider. All patients with any insurance plan can participate in Wiseman Concierge Medicine including Medicare patients. If you are a cash paying patient and do not use traditional medical insurance, see our Wiseman Direct Primary Care service as this will be a better fit for you.

For more information on Wiseman Concierge Medicine, including cost and the list of the concierge services, please email us below or if you are a patient, you can message us on your Patient Portal.

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