About Us

Wiseman Family Practice was founded in 1979 by Richard J. Wiseman, MD, and later joined in 2009 by his son, Jeremy D. Wiseman, MD. We have multiple locations with a team of dedicated medical providers and have added our Telemedicine services to all of Texas (see Our Locations).

Wiseman Family Practice is an integrative family medicine practice and wellness company. We offer our patients the best of both conventional and alternative approaches to wellness. We provide a complete family medicine clinic, offering services to men, women, children, and seniors. We offer primary and preventive care for the whole family, including women’s health, pediatrics, acupuncture and herbal medicine, telemedicine, bioidentical hormone therapy, direct primary care, concierge medicine, midwifery, functional medicine, hypothyroidism treatment, chiropractic care, weight loss therapy, holistic health coaching, allergy treatment, homeopathy, and medical nutrition.

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