Wiseman Direct Primary Care

In addition to our insurance-based family medicine model, Wiseman Family Practice offers direct primary care services. With over 40 years of experience in family medicine, we have combined our integrative and functional family medicine approach with the direct primary care model.

Though our insurance-based integrative Wiseman Family Practice model works great for most patients, some patients and families want even more personalized care for their unique needs and easier, more direct access to their medical provider without some of the constraints of insurance-based medicine.

direct primary care

Direct Primary Care Integrative Family Medicine

With Wiseman Direct Primary Care you will have the same integrative family medicine as we provide at Wiseman Family Practice which includes acute, chronic, and preventative care for the whole family, annual physicals/well woman exams/well child exams, ordering of in-house and out of clinic diagnostics and labs, prescribing of medications and supplements, and any insurance prior authorizations and specialist referrals as needed.

The added benefits of Wiseman Direct Primary Care will include the following additional services:

  • Unlimited, on-demand, and same day appointments with your medical provider – telemedicine or in-office appointments at any of our 8 locations based on individual patient needs
  • Unlimited, on-demand, same day direct access to your medical provider during business hours
  • After-hours and weekend direct access to your medical provider for urgent issues
  • On demand urgent medical management when needed, which minimizes Urgent Care and ER visits
  • Longer visit time compared to insurance-based visits
  • Home visits when needed
  • Lower cost cash price labs and imaging services at certain vendors when needed

We do not bill insurance for any Wiseman Direct Primary Care services and all the above services, including all in-house testing, are covered under one monthly fee.

Direct primary care works best for people with higher deductible plans, health share plans, and those who are uninsured. It is also ideal for patients who want more individualized care, longer patient visits, and faster and more direct access to their primary care provider.

For more information on Wiseman Direct Primary Care, including cost, please email us below or if you are a patient, you can message us on your Patient Portal.

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