Richardson Farms with Wiseman Family Practice

At Wiseman Family Practice, we believe that the cornerstone of good health and disease prevention comes with proper food choices. We believe that an important part of primary care is educating people on true disease prevention through nutrition. Sadly, most medical professionals today receive very little teaching in nutrition during their medical training. We believe that this lack of understanding of food and health in our current medical system signifies that the system is broken and is a major reason for the increase of chronic diseases today. It is our aim at Wiseman Family Practice to fix this problem.

free rrange chickens richardson farms

As a result, we have joined with Richardson Farms in Rockdale, TX to bring patients and the community healthier, environmentally safer, and more ethically raised food. In addition, we also use the farm as a platform to connect patients and their families to the world around us. The current trend of food production is very industrial and often treats animals and produce as objects, with little regard to animal and environmental welfare. By ecologically reconnecting ourselves to this larger picture, we believe that people can live healthier, more productive lives.