Wiseman HealthTalk: The Good and Bad of Estrogen Therapy

hormone-therapy-and-menopauseListen to the Wiseman Family Practice HealthTalk Radio podcast featuring renowned nutritionist and hormone expert Dr. Devaki Lindsey Berkson, who discusses the pros and cons of Estrogen therapy.

As a best-selling author of fifteen books on health and nutrition (four of which are focused on hormones), Dr. Berkson offers a well-rounded and candid approach to the issues surrounding estrogen therapy.

Dr. Berkson has a Master’s Degree in Nutrition, with three higher board certifications in nutrition which include the American College of Nutrition, Diplomat of the American Clinical Board of Nutrition, and Applied Certified Nutritionist. The doctor has been intimately involved in many cutting edge medical projects including working as a participating scholar at a think tank on estrogens and the environment at Tulane and Xavier Universities (Center for Bioenvironmental Research), working on a patented bioidentical hormone, co-inventing a new generation of diabetic and dialysis medication, formulating the first non-hormonal nutritional supplement for menopausal women, as well as the first natural vitamin line for hormonal issues in women. She served as a nutritional chiropractic physician in California in the first multidisciplinary practice in the state and has a long history of teaching continuing medical education courses (CME classes) to physicians of all disciplines on the clinical application of nutrition and endocrinology.

Dr. Berkson hosted one of the early nutritional radio talk shows in the California Bay Area and wrote a full–page column for the San Francisco Chronicle on health and food. She has brought her skills to Austin, Texas and has worked with many parts of the medical community including a leading kidney doctor in Austin in which she co–spearheaded research on a new approach to kidney dysfunction and a treatment which focused on natural nutritional/nutraceutical approaches that have been at the core of her medical philosophy. Berkson is an avid athlete, dancer, and chef. She enjoys combining these and many other interests with her holistic approach to living. Wiseman Family Practice is proud to have Lindsey Berkson as part of our integrative medical team in the hope of assisting patients with practical natural medical therapies.

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