Wiseman HealthTalk: The Power of Food

PowerofFoodListen to WFP HealthTalk Radio podcast and learn about the Power of Food and how making the right decisions on what to eat can affect every part of your daily life.  Hosted by Dr. Lindsey Berkson,  a well-respected nutritionist and hormone research expert and academic and best-selling author with sixteen books on health and nutrition to her name, Dr. Lindsey Berkson simplifies the approach on to eat and focuses on the basics to build a healthier you.

Previously, Dr. Berkson hosted one of the early nutritional radio talk shows in the California Bay Area, and wrote a full page column for the San Francisco Chronicle on health and food.  She brought her skills to Austin, Texas several years ago, and has continued to work with many members of the medical community researching a new approach to kidney dysfunction and treatment focused on natural approaches.

Dr. Berkson has a long history of teaching continuing medical education courses (CME classes) to physicians of all disciplines on the clinical application of nutrition and endocrinology.  She has also been intimately involved in many cutting edge medical projects including; working as a participating scholar at a think-tank on estrogens and the environment at Tulane and Xavier Universities (Center for Bioenvironmental Research), working on a patented bioidentical hormone, co-inventing a new generation of diabetic and dialysis medication, formulating the first non-hormonal nutritional supplement for menopausal women, as well as the first natural vitamin line for hormonal issues in women.

Dr. Berkson approaches patient education and care with the goal of balancing each person from both a hormonal and nutritional perspective, focusing on food and nutraceuticals (all based on rigorous science) — an approach that traditional medicine often overlooks.

As a private practitioner, Dr. Berkson works with Wiseman Family Practice to bring the message of integrative medicine and total wellness to the forefront, where she continues to help patients achieve their goal of holistic health.