Video: Urban Gardening with Wiseman Family Practice

Watch Wiseman Family Practice build an urban garden at their office in Cedar Park, Tx. See what an urban garden is and learn the importance of building a garden anywhere!

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>> Dr. Jeremy Wiseman: Hey, everyone. Jeremy Wiseman here with Wiseman Family
Practice. I’m here in Cedar Park, Texas at our office. What we’re going to do today is
we’re going to learn how to build an urban garden.

So what is an urban garden? An urban garden is really any garden that’s built in an
urban or suburban space. Any space that’s traditionally not thought of as garden
area, for instance, an apartment balcony or even an office building.

Now, I think this concept is extremely important because as the world becomes
more urbanized and also as the suburban sprawl expands, there really becomes less
and less space for traditional gardening. Thus, we have to be more creative and
bring the garden to the city, so to speak. I also think this is one of the most
sustainable ways of getting closer to nature and connecting ourselves to our food

So what we have at our office is a space that for over five years we had not used.
Basically, what we did is we turned this space into a functional garden.
So what we’re going to do is we’re going to show you this transformation. It
happened over three to four months. And we’re going to show you from beginning
to end, from planting to harvest.

We used a company called Resolution Gardens. Their model, basically, is to help
people build gardens but to also help people understand gardening and to really
learn what gardening is all about. So let’s go meet Randy, the owner of Resolution
Gardens, and let’s get started.

Hey, Randy.

>> Randy: Hey, Jeremy.

>>Dr. Jeremy Wiseman: Hey, thanks for coming out. So I guess let’s start by
introducing yourself and telling the viewers what you and your company are all

>> Randy: I’m Randy. I’m the Chief Cultivator at Resolution Gardens, and our motto
is “Grow Food. We’ll Help.” Whatever it takes whether it’s the pick-up truck and a
load of soil or people with some grub hoes ready to rip somebody’s yard out or take
the elevator up to the 10th floor and do something on the balcony. You can grow food

>> Dr. Jeremy Wiseman: That’s great. So what we’re going to do now is we’re going
to look at the transformation of our office space into a functional garden over the
last three to four months. Enjoy.


>> Dr. Jeremy Wiseman: So the key take-home point today is that you can build a
garden anywhere. Whether you live downtown or whether you live in the suburbs
or whether you want to plant one in your office, the options are really limitless. And
I feel that if we all participate in this, it really has the potential of changing the

I want to thank Randy from Resolution Gardens, and we’ll give you his contact
number at the end of this video. If you have any questions for me, you can reach me
at And, of course, if you’re ever visiting our clinic,
come see the garden for yourself because it’s really a great experience. Thanks


>> Young child: This is called “lemon grass.”

[To contact Randy Jewart and Resolution Gardens:
Find a natural or organic gardening store in your community.
For Austin and Central Texas residents, a great resource is:
The Natural Gardener]

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