Wiseman HealthTalk: Health Headlines

Listen to Dr. Lindsey Berkson discuss a number of current health topics including pollution and its role in insulin resistance, which drugs are now being linked to breast cancer, avoiding gluten may not be enough for celiac patients, gluten biofilm, the new use for oxytocin-the ‘love hormone”, exercise reversing memory loss, hysterectomies and heart disease, the truth about cranberries stopping  recurrent UTIs, and what health concerns are associated with cellphone use!


Devaki Lindsey Berkson is a well–respected nutritionist and hormone expert with a diverse background of clinical experience. She approaches patient care with the goal of balancing each person from both a hormonal and nutritional perspective, an approach that traditional medicine often overlooks. She has complimented this experience with a unique body of academic research that has resulted in numerous journal publications and articles. Dr. Berkson is a best–selling author with fifteen books on health and nutrition, four with a focus on hormones.