How to Purify Our Tap Water video photos

View photos from the newest WFP video: “How to Purify Our Tap Water” where Wiseman Family Practice reviews the best way to purify our tap water. Dr. Jeremy Wiseman meets with water expert Terry West from A+ Water Conditioning to look at a multi-staged Reverse Osmosis system for drinking water and a simple shower head filter for bathing water. See why purifying our tap water is so important to our health!

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  1. what if you don’t have the means to buy that to purify water. I have been wanting to buy the ones that go on the faucet, what would you recommend?

    1. Great question! We recommend a portable gravity filter, such as the Berkey water filter, so that you can filter your tap water in your home. We use the Berkey water filter at all of our clinics and find that it’s one of the most affordable, effective ways to remove most of the contaminates found in our tap water, even more so than a regular water filter attached to a faucet. Berkey water filters come in different sizes and they also offer fluoride-arsenic filters as an additional means to purify your drinking and cooking water. To learn more about the Berkey water filter, please see our 2017 video “How to Purify Our Tap Water with Wiseman Family Practice Part 2.”

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