WFP HealthTalk Radio: Dance Your Way To Health

danceListen to WFP HealthTalk Radio podcast with guest Kristy Watson of Uptown Dance Studio as we discuss the amazing health benefits of dance, including its benefits for brain health, mobility, weight loss, mood, high blood pressure, joint health, muscle health, and more…..
Kristy Watson is well known for her contribution and years of experience in the Austin dance community. She is certified in American Smooth and Rhythm ballroom dances, has competed in the Ballroom, WC Swing and Country Western circuit, is widely knowledgeable in all the social dancing styles, including Jitterbug Swing, and Salsa dances. She has been teaching in the Austin dance community for over 10 years and has an inviting sense of genuineness and care that has endeared her to dancers throughout her career. Kristy’s background in theater, ballet, jazz and lyrical dance mixed with her knowledge of ballroom dancing puts her in demand for ladies styling and coaching.