radioshowListen to our nurse practitioner Sellma Vllasi, FNP-C on People’s Pharmacy radio show with Ray Solano and Dawn Welch, where they discuss the topic of Integrative medicine, the prescribing of statin drugs to treat high cholesterol, and treatment alternatives and options. They also discuss the “millennial generation’s” diet and exercise trends and how this is expected to impact their health. Other topics include sleep deprivation in teenagers, even more evidence about the effects of lack of sleep on our health and weight, and how to encourage children to eat their vegetables. Also addressed are causes and symptoms of iron deficiency, as well as foods and supplements for treatment of iron deficiency.

Guests also include Dr. Lane Sebring from Wimberley, Texas who discusses the topic of age-related muscle wasting and how to prevent it, the role of muscle mass in prevention of diabetes and maintaining health, and the recommended amount of daily protein intake to optimize muscle mass, reduce insulin resistance, and improve cholesterol levels.