5 Take Home Health Points

calories5 take home points from People’s Pharmacy radioshow Healthy Choices, with guest host Dr. Jeremy Wiseman Saturday Feb 8th, 2014.

1) Remember: a calorie is not a calorie as was once believed. Along with the quantity (# of calories) of food we eat, the quality of our food might be more important. Fifty calories from an apple is not metabolized the same as fifty calories from a Snickers, for example. Choose all natural calories when possible and count nutrients not calories.

2) The majority of upper respiratory infections are viral and don’t need antibiotics. At Wiseman Family Practice, we like to use Elderberry over the counter (Nature’s Way Elderberry extract is the best) and high dosage Vitamin C (1000-2000 mg 3 times daily). Remember, Vitamin C can cause loose stools. The optimal dose is the highest dose that doesn’t make your stools loose. Other natural remedies can be found on our website under Natural Cold & Flu Therapies. Click here.

3) Trust Nature over Companies when it comes to who produces your food. It’s very complicated these days to understand what to eat, so simplify this by asking “Is this product primarily made by Nature?” Choose these types of food products and avoid all others if possible.

4) Saturated fat found primarily in animal products is not harmful to our health as we have been taught, in fact it’s just the opposite. Choose all natural saturated fat (ex: fat from grass-fed beef, wild game, or wild fish) and avoid synthetic fat like trans-fat found in fried foods, for example. The true culprit of our modern health epidemic, along with these trans-fatty acids, are the large amount of consumed sugar and carbohydrates. Remember to also consume as much natural monounsaturated fat found in plant products such as avocado and olive oil. Remember – fats found in both plant and animal products are great for your health!

5) Hats off to CVS for announcing that it will stop selling tobacco products from its stores over the next year. We can not find an ulterior motive for this decision as they stand to lose 2 billion a year in revenue. We sincerely hope this represents a turning of the tide that puts customers health ahead of corporate profits.

Editor’s Note: This content was created by our Wiseman Health content and writing team, without the influence of artificial intelligence engines. Our goal is to be your trusted source for natural health and medical information. This article was originally published on February 20, 2014 and has since been updated.

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