Video: Raw Milk with Wiseman Family Practice

Raw Milk with Wiseman Family Practice

Wiseman Family Practice visits a raw milk dairy farm in Schulenberg, Tx. Dr. Jeremy Wiseman tours Stryk Jersey Farm and learns the benefits of raw milk. See what raw milk is all about and learn some tips on buying better pasteurized milk at your local health food store!




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>> Dr. Jeremy Wiseman: Hey, everyone. Jeremy Wiseman here with Wiseman Family
Practice. I’m here in Schulenburg, Texas at a place called Stryk Jersey Farm: a raw
milk dairy farm. What we’re going to do today is we’re going to learn about raw
milk. And we’re going to see why I believe it really is the gold standard if you
consume dairy products.

So what is raw milk? Raw milk is milk that hasn’t been pasteurized, which means
heated. Nor has it been homogenized. Now, milk is typically processed this way for a
number of different reasons. Number one, there are many economic reasons. But
number two, historically, and even more so today, the mass corporate production of
milk really lends itself to milk that is not always the cleanest. As a result, it needs to
be heated to get rid of a lot of that bad bacteria. Unfortunately, this process also gets
rid of a lot of the good bacteria. It also destroys or damages a lot of the proteins and
enzymes and a lot of the nutrients that we want in milk.

Raw milk is produced under completely different circumstances and conditions, so
it doesn’t need to be heated. The end product is really more of a whole food. Now, I
don’t consume a lot of dairy products myself. I find them to be very allergenic and of
course, they’re really high in sugar. But I’m a realist and I understand that dairy is
part of the world. If you’re going to consume dairy products, make sure they’re in
their most raw state.

Now, every state is different but in Texas it is legal to consume raw dairy. But you
have to go to the farm to pick it up. Again, we’re pretty lucky here because we have a
certain amount of food freedom and there are many states where it’s actually illegal.
At the end of the video, I’m going to give information so that you can purchase raw
milk in your community. And I’m going to give some guidelines, or some pointers, on
how to pick up better-pasteurized milk at the grocery store because not all milk at
the supermarket is the same. So let’s go learn about raw milk.

Hey, Darlene.

>> Darlene: Hey, Dr. Jeremy. How’s it going today?

>> Dr. Jeremy Wiseman: Good to see you. I guess let’s start off by introducing
yourself to the viewers and telling us about your vision here at the farm.

>> Darlene: OK. I’m Darlene Stryk and my husband Bob and I operate and own Stryk
Jersey Farm along with our daughter Bryn. We have about 200 acres here that we
own and lease. And we run our 60 head of dairy, Jersey dairy cows, on it. We are a
grass-based dairy farm, meaning that our cows are on grass 24-7, and trying to
provide a quality grass-fed Jersey milk.

>> Dr. Jeremy Wiseman: That’s great. Yeah, I’m really excited to show the viewers
today the conditions that your cows are raised in. And even the grass, how green the
grass is, because a lot of people don’t understand that again happy cows, good
conditions, better grass just means better milk. I don’t think there’s really
sometimes a connection between these conditions and our food supply. So I’m really
excited about that. Let’s go find the cows and let’s see firsthand.

OK, Darlene, so this is where it all starts: the quality of the grass equals the quality of
the milk. Is that correct?

>>Darlene: That’s correct. It’s our goal out here to have our cows belly-deep in
grass, so you can have the yellow cheese, the yellow butter. It’s all reflective of the

See this, so this is wild oats. It’s a native grass. This is rye grass and then this is oat
head here.

>> Dr. Jeremy Wiseman: So here are the cows and this is where they spend most of
their time grazing. Is that right?

>> Darlene: Yes, that’s correct. They are out here probably 23 hours of the day.
They’re out here during the day grazing. Then they get under the shade tree when
it’s hotter.

>> Dr. Jeremy Wiseman: So this path, around 3:00 or 4:00 they know to go down
this path by themselves because they know it’s milk time. They don’t need to be

>> Darlene: No, we don’t even have to call them. They’re tremendous creatures of
habit. They know around 3:00 or 4:00 it’s time to go get milked. And then they’ll just
be on their way!


>> Dr. Jeremy Wiseman: So I hope you learned something about raw milk today.
Now, I understand that purchasing raw milk is not going to be for everybody, so I’m
going to provide some guidelines, or some pointers, on how to buy the best-
pasteurized milk in your local health food store.

[First, make sure to always consume whole milk and avoid skim and other low-fat

Secondly, purchase milk that has been “low-temperature pasteurized.” Try to avoid
labels that say pasteurized, and especially avoid anything that says, “ultra-high
temperature pasteurized.” Remember, the less it’s heated, the more raw it is and the
better it is for your health.

Number 3, purchase milk that says, “free of hormones, GMOs, additives, and
antibiotics.” Usually, the organic definition encompasses these things. But
unfortunately, organic milk is often ultra-pasteurized at extremely high
temperatures, so make sure to read the labels on all organic milk.

Fourth, try to buy from companies that are local, where the cows are free roaming
and primarily eat grass.

And lastly, buy non-homogenized milk. The homogenization process affects the
integrity of the milk and is not the best choice.

Some great brands, which meet these criteria, include: Mill-King Market and
Creamery and Wateroak Farms. To find a certified raw milk dairy farm near you, go
to and click on the link “Real Milk Finder.”]

>> Dr. Jeremy Wiseman: So thanks everyone, and a special thanks to Stryk Jersey
Farm for having us out here. If you have any questions on this subject, you can
contact me at Take care.

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