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Video: Natural Mattresses & Bedding with Wiseman Family Practice

Hey, everyone. Jeremy Wiseman here, with Wiseman Family Practice. I’m here at Austin Natural Mattress in Austin, Texas, and what we’re going to do today is look at the importance of a healthy mattress and more broadly, healthy bedding. Now, this subject is really important because we spend approximately a third of our lives sleeping, and it’s really important for children and infants because they, not only do they sleep more than adults but they’re also more sensitive to chemicals.

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Tips for Boosting Your Immune System

Below are some natural strategies that you can implement today to strengthen your immune system: Vitamin D3: Vitamin D deficiency weakens your immune system, so have your medical provider monitor your vitamin D levels and vitamin D supplementation. Ideal levels are between 50–90 ng/ml. Maintaining healthy vitamin D levels is important year round, especially in the …


Tips for Choosing a Natural Mattress & Bedding

There are many key components to healthy living: exercise and staying active, drinking purified water, eating a whole-food diet, reducing sugar, getting the right amount of sun exposure, and proper sleep. Though we may incorporate many of these preventive health strategies into our wellness routine, we might not always consider our sleep environment, which is …


Edible Austin Interviews Dr. Jeremy Wiseman: “The Doctor Will Feed You Now”

If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, what happens when the doctor is the one selling the apples? As far as Dr. Jeremy Wiseman is concerned, the patient is better off for it. Every week, Wiseman Family Practice delivers healthful foods—to patients and non-patients alike—from nearby farms such as Richardson Farms, Johnson’s Backyard …