Texas Governor Appoints Dr. Jeremy Wiseman to State Board of Acupuncture Examiners

We’re proud to announce that Jeremy Wiseman, MD has been selected by Texas Governor Greg Abbott to serve as a member of the Texas State Board of Acupuncture Examiners.

During his term (expiring January of 2021), Dr. Wiseman will work with members of the board to regulate the practice of acupuncture as mandated by the state and to preserve the standards of excellence for public health and safety.


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Dr. Wiseman’s appointment aligns well with our continued efforts to treat the whole person. We offer acupuncture as part of a comprehensive integrative medical approach at Wiseman Family Practice. Acupuncture has a long history in Eastern medicine, and by using this system of medicine with traditional care, we blend the best of conventional and alternative medicine. Currently, we offer acupuncture service at all three of our locations: WFP Cedar Park, Central Austin, and Westlake.

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13 Replies to “Texas Governor Appoints Dr. Jeremy Wiseman to State Board of Acupuncture Examiners”

  1. Wonderful news! After my husband’s stem cell transplant, we started seeing Hedy Chen in Georgetown. The acupuncture and compounded herbs keep him feeling well, despite the oversights during conventional treatment that led to stage 4 kidney failure. Without this alternative treatment, he would not be doing as well as he is. We are true supporters of acupuncture being integrated into medical care and believe you are providing a wonderful service to your patients.

  2. I really have been wanting to try acupuncture but it is costly . I have. Family members that have tried it and. And love it but there insurance has covered it in New York my be in the future are insurance in Texas will cover it

  3. Congratulations Dr Jeremy! Glad to see you have brought acupuncture on board at WFP and I know you will do an excellent job on this Texas board.

  4. You will be a great addition to the Board. I have been receiving acupuncture for 7 years, as it was the only thing that could give me energy and manage lymphodema post-chemo.

  5. This is HUGE Congratulations!!! ?

    I am forever thankful for the care and education that I’ve received from your practice and so proud to say that you are our family Doctor as my life has changed dramatically since finding your practice. It’s Wonderful to see this happening for you!

    Much Love an Many Blessings ???

  6. Dr Jeremy,
    Congratulations! You will be a wonderful addition to the board.

    Best Regards,

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